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Here I would like to explain that the compatibility between two people can be determined through astrology. A good compatibility cannot be determined through just sun signs. We need to take in consideration the position of all the planets. With so many failed relationships around us, it’s high time to find the root cause and to find a solution.


Does soul mate exist?

Yes! soul mate does exist. It’s just that we haven’t put enough effort and time to identify our soul mate. To find the right partner, first, you should understand what type of a person you are, what is your nature, your communication style, how you would behave when in a relationship and lastly but most importantly, what is your style of sexual expression in love. Here is where I can help you. I can help you find your soul mate.

Understand choice of career for your child.

At the age of 16, a person is too young to take a decision on his/her choice of career. Only a few will have a clear idea about, which professional field should they opt for. It’s a difficult task for parents to identify what their kid’s talents are and which professional field fits the best for their kid. Astrology helps us to identify the career which is most suitable for the person according to his /her nature.

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Which includes personality report of the couple

About YogisAstro

According to a recent article by Simon Worrall, he mentions that ‘our bodies are made of remnants of stars and massive explosions in galaxies’.

So everything in the universe is made of stardust. It all started from the Big bang as science mentions it as one of the hypotheses of the origin of the universe. It’s high time that we recognised astrology and put enough efforts into conducting research in astrology, which will give answers to almost all our query about life and our existence. In my website, I would like to highlight a few aspects of Astrology which hasn’t been given much emphasis on.

Planets exert an energy which controls our personality, the events which will occur in our lives as well as our reaction to these events. Through my website, I want to convey to the people how planets affect our inner nature, our communication, romantic relationship, sex life, work and almost all aspects of life.


“Thank you Dr.Yogi. My life resonates whatever you have analyzed. Very impressive.”

Mr. Shekhar


“Dr.Yogi has provided me with an overview of my life and with that insight, he has empowered me to take the next right step in my future. The experience was clarifying and transformative..”

Ms. Shimna K


” The report he made was accurate including past, present and future predictions. He even mentioned the probable duration of ups and downs. This could be very useful. I had consulted even for my sister and her report made by him was also very specific and reliable.
Thankyou Dr.Yogi.”



Kerala”First when I came to know about this, I too considered this like any other site . But after reading the report I felt like you are reading me like a book. Each and every single thought process, even minutest issues I had faced you have mentioned, that too so precisely that it’s beyond belief. Never came across such accurate reading before.
Moreover, with this report, you have helped me to break free from predicament I face.  It’s really motivating to know that the future holds good. I think what you have is a great boon. To help people to live life better. Appreciate the good work, rather say the best work.”

Ms. Parvathy


K”Dr.Yogi has given me the insight in to my key potentials and the weakness which i have to work on. As a professional modern day astrology consultant, he is doing a good work in bridging the gaps and giving us a better understanding of people and situations.”

Dr.Sajjan Madappady


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According to recent articles published, scientists say that human beings are affected in one way or the other by the cosmic rays which arise from far off places of our universe. I wonder how scientists agree to this hypothesis and are not ready to agree that the planets which lye so near to us doesn’t exert any force or doesn’t affect our lives in any way.

Well, our modern day scientist will never agree to this as this is the basis of Astrology. It’s high time that we recognised astrology and put enough efforts into conducting research in astrology, which will give answers to almost all our query about life and our existence.

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